NZ Brand Campaign









The Challenge

Having had a presence in NZ for over a decade with a small but incredibly loyal customer and consultant base, Thermomix knew there was huge potential for growth here, they just needed more Kiwis to know about them. With all prior brand material coming out of Australia, Thermomix knew they needed a homegrown Kiwi campaign to gain broad awareness and increase sales this side of the Tasman.

The Insight

Thermomix is different to any appliance you currently have, and the way it works is different to any cooking method you’ve tried before. So different in fact, that we don’t refer to meal preparation with it as ‘cooking’, but as ‘Thermomixing’.

The Action

We introduced ‘Thermomixing’ to New Zealanders through exciting, energetic content featuring those best to show it off; Thermomix owners and consultants from across NZ. This resulted in a high-energy, engaging hero film and series of supporting content and cut-downs. As well as video, media placements included airport screens and in-mall content at point of purchase.

“We don’t cook, we Thermomix”.

The Results

Thermomix continues to see growing sales throughout NZ as more and more Kiwis are introduced to Thermomixing and seeing it as an essential part of their kitchen.

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