Effective brand strategy

Great marketing starts with a clear brand strategy

Great marketing starts with a clear brand strategy that really excites your customers and shows them why you are different. Above all, we want consumers to feel that you are worth their attention, that your products & services are what they need, and worth their dollars. To do this we need a strategy which is based on the needs of customers and how we are going meet them.

How it's DOne

Planning Wheel

Marketing and advertising people love a good chart. However, at Contagion we are not fans of death by Powerpoint and have a rule that there arenever more than 20 charts in a presentation. Nobody will listen to a Communications Strategy that is too boring or too long. This is where models help. At Contagion, we have a number of familiar models and techniques we use to illustrate great insights.


Does your brand make people feel like a hero, could it inspire them to be explorers or make them more creative? This tool is great at working out what character your brand is and how your marketing strategy can take advantage of a language that consumers really understand, great storytelling.

NeedScope Mapping

This is a great way of checking where your brand is positioned in consumers’ minds and also seeing the blue sky in which you could potentially make more profit.

Needs Hierarchies

We can learn and use a lot from the world of psychology. Maslow is a great example; we can use this to make sure our advertising & marketing propositions appeal to the brain’s highest functions and, therefore, have the strongest impact with our campaign messaging.

Brand Key

One particular exercise that is hugely popular and effective with our clients is the brand key. The brand key acts as a compass towards a brand’s future vision, and is a framework to express the brand’s purpose in a way everyone can understand and buy into.

Together we can build the most compelling version of your brand. A brand with strong foundations that will inform everything that follows - be that integrated advertising, social media campaigns, a new brand look, or simply inspiring others. To get here, we workshop this with you, involving your staff at every level, and listen to your prospective customers.

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