Effective brand strategy


Great brand strategy brings clarity, relevance, and inspiration to how a company presents itself. It involves crafting compelling customer propositions that resonate with both customers and your staff. This, alongside a great company culture, is the engine of success. A strong brand story must answer why the company stands out, and why customers should remain loyal. What sets us apart? What personality traits do customers consistently value and buy into? What's the most compelling reason for customers to choose us over competitors?

Most importantly, what is the simplest distillation of our brand into a core idea or promise that will resonate with consumers?

How it's DOne

Brand Key

This is an exercise that Clients have found hugely successful, both in terms of clarifying their brand and bringing their staff together under a clear direction. The brand key is effective because it acts as a motivating compass towards a brand’s future vision. It is a framework to express an organisations purpose in a way everyone can understand and buy into. We have a proven process to come up with this for your brand.

Planning Wheel

A strategic process should be both engaging and logical. Our planning wheel model guides us through discovery, well-informed analysis, a robust strategic hypothesis, communication strategy, and production. All this is capped off with constant optimisation by our digital strategists to make sure every dollar is being worked hard, and your campaigns never stop improving.

Needs Hierarchies

We can learn and use a lot from the world of psychology. Maslow is a great example; we can use this to make sure our advertising & marketing propositions appeal to the brain’s highest functions and, therefore, have the strongest impact with our campaign messaging.


Does your brand make people feel like a hero, could it inspire them to be explorers or make them more creative? This tool is great at working out what character your brand is and how your marketing strategy can take advantage of a language that consumers really understand, great storytelling.

NeedScope Mapping

This is a great way of checking where your brand is positioned in consumers’ minds and also seeing the blue sky in which you could potentially make more profit.

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