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We are a full service, marketing creative and media agency made up of a warm, welcoming crew who are relentlessly curious. Just like our country, we’re known for punching above our weight.

We help some of New Zealand’s leading companies like Villa Maria, New Zealand Football and Instant Finance to blossom. Ensuring our clients win, our staff win, our community wins and our country wins is our goal.

So how can we help you win?

Our creative folk thrive on bringing to life great ideas that consumers love. They are people who draw on vast bodies of creative, technology and marketing knowledge to solve specific problems.

What does that mean for you? You get to swap ideas with the people who’ve created campaigns that have driven great revenue for lots of businesses and been pivotal to their success. They’re your go-to people, along with their teams, every day.

Contagion Media is a team of seasoned creative, media and digital professionals and new blood, bringing fresh thinking to the industry. Because media isn’t a department, it’s the world we live in and we’re brilliant at connecting it all.


We are 100% independent.
Contagion Media is locally
owned and operated. We can
accommodate a range of
client scopes and budgets.


The senior people in our
business work on your
business, right alongside
the new talent we pride
ourselves on nurturing.


We are completely transparent so
you will know exactly how your
money is spent. We are channel and
partner agnostic, ensuring the best
return on your media investment.

Whether it’s Digital Marketing or Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy or a Design Strategy we plan for your long-term success. We have a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed here, insight into what’s going to happen in the market and how we can take advantage of it. We do this by always thinking of your business as ours.