Paper Plus

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The Challenge

Paper Plus is a familiar sight on high streets and in malls throughout NZ. They operate in a fiercely competitive environment, you can buy what they sell in lots of places, from discount retailers to department stores to online, so we needed to compete on more than just price. We want the public to see that something bought from Paper Plus is more than just the product itself, it’s the thought and emotion we help you put behind it.

The Insight

Kiwis are people who are after more than just the simple process of purchasing. They want an experience, to feel an emotional pay-off. We need our customers to feel attached to shopping at Paper Plus by highlighting to them the moments they will be creating simply by purchasing that book / game / toy / card. It is what happens with that purchase after the fact that makes it so special, and we want customers to crave this moment we are offering. We guarantee that experience through the great advice our friendly people offer.

The Results

A highly emotive TVC around Back to School illustrating how Paper Plus understands how much you care and what these ‘moments’ mean in your life. A mother’s love for her child is deep and forever, so is her love for her own mum. The videos were supported with a layer of digital retail.

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