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The Challenge

Business Desk is a dedicated online journalism platform that aims to be the go-to source for a news relating to commerce in New Zealand. They had little visibility and were swamped by the NZ Herald and NBR, despite having the best business journalists in the country.

The Insight

Business people want to cut through the massive amount of commentary available across the globe, and want credible guidance in NZ from top business writers who know their stuff. The competitors did not have the quality of the journalists, nor were they purely dedicated to business issues.

The Action

We came up with a new positioning of ‘Follow the money’, an idea that strikes at the heart of what business wants; no nonsense, cut-through reporting.

From this, we launched a high impact, multi-channel campaign – including a $600,000 Rolls Royce driving a trailer around Auckland CBD with ‘Follow the money’ printed on it – and a digital ‘sales funnel’ for subscriptions that was tracked and optimised on a daily basis.

The Results

Business Desk overtook the NBR as a digital news platform and continues to have record subscriptions.

They were recently acquired by, as their dedicated business journalism arm.

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