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The Challenge

There is one brand of iconic sausage rolls that has been a staple for Kiwis for over 50 years; you probably know them as “the ones with Alison Holst on them”. After a re-brand under a new name, Kiwis couldn’t recognise them on the shelves and thought they had gone for good. Richmond Foods needed to get the legions of consumers back to this firm favourite, reassuring them their trusted favourite is still available and as delicious as ever.

The Insight

Alison Holst may have been how people recognised this product, but we knew that the nostalgia people felt towards them was just as strong. So we needed to dial up the warm memories and comfort that the sausage rolls represented – whether it was your Mum who cooked them, having them at a work morning tea, or just knowing that taking a plate of these to any gathering was always going to be well received. This is the real emotional power of this product that has been there for every generation since the 1970s.

The Action

We created a very emotive ad that would resonate with the hearts and homes of Kiwis. Reflecting how this product has brought a smile to everyone from the 1970s to the present day, and it’s what’s inside the packaging that really touched people’s emotions. Our media team recommended a video-led strategy across TV & online, with OOH and instore activity to signpost shoppers to the product in the chillers to get these back onto tables across the country.

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