Contagion Brand Key Root Strengths

The cornerstone of a captivating brand narrative lies in asking the right questions.

Exceptional brands tell compelling stories that resonate with customers, driving revenue and fostering unwavering loyalty.

Crafting an engaging and sustainable brand narrative that resonates with your internal team is an immensely gratifying endeavour. However, it doesn't commence with possessing all the answers; it starts with asking the right questions.

Consider the following:

  1. You know what you are selling, but what are customers actually buying?
  2. How would you describe your brand/product in only three words?
  3. What’s the one thing that makes your product/brand different?

Clarity on these three questions is paramount, though it's no easy feat.

These three questions compel us to delve into the minds of our customers and grasp our appeal. Engaging in this exercise of customer mindset research propels us to sharper value propositions and effective communication, enhancing margins and volumes.


Question 1. You know what you are selling, but what are customers actually buying?

Arguably, the first question holds the utmost significance. Whether selling food, innovative widgets, or business services, brands must appeal to the emotional core of their audience. Is your product poised to elicit happiness (like Disney), instil a sense of security (like ASB), nurture a feeling of competence (like Mitre 10), or foster trust? It's imperative to realise that customers rarely buy solely the product itself; they engage in a multi-faceted decision-making process to discern you from your competitors. Effective communication hinges on pinpointing that singular aspect.



Question 2. How would you describe your brand/product in only three words?

The second question, quite evidently, aims to describe the values and personality traits your brand will embody. As humans, we base our decisions on emotions – "Do I like you?", "Are you relatable?", "Do you understand me?" To get customers to choose our products, we must ensure our personality shines through. To achieve this, your brand must have distinct personality traits. Envision your brand/company as a fully-formed individual you meet for the first time. Within moments, you should understand their essence and forge a bond compelling you to return. We gravitate towards individuals who possess self-awareness and embody values resonating with our own. Similarly, brand and company personalities should adhere to these principles.
Contagion Brand Archetypes


Question 3: What’s the one thing that makes your product/brand different?

The final question should prove somewhat more manageable.  While few products may be entirely unique, differentiation is essential for success. Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP) can be a transformative exercise, guiding your brand towards a distinct position in the market. Your staff constitutes the backbone of the business and the brand; their qualities can contribute to its uniqueness, and bringing them along for the ride is imperative. Recognising the individual strengths and talents of your team members can be instrumental in crafting a brand identity that resonates authentically with your audience. While your product or service may not possess outright exclusivity, uncovering that elusive spark – that special ingredient or approach that sets you apart – is crucial. It's about leveraging every aspect of your offering, from your team's expertise to your brand's ethos, to carve out a compelling and memorable identity in the minds of consumers.


The final component in crafting your brand story entails garnering buy-in from every corner of the organisation, inspiring and energising all involved. In marketing, we seek the grand "why" – it's not "what" you do, but "why" it matters. An organisation that passionately believes in itself ensures success.

This will render your brand irresistible to customers.

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