In client service we often get asked, “What is it you do on a daily basis?”

The answer - a little bit of everything. Working across a number of clients of different sizes and industries makes for great variety during the work day, but also means that a whole raft of skills are needed to pull together the wide range of things we are asked to do and organise.

At Contagion we have always prided ourselves on hiring polymaths; people who don’t just have wide knowledge and skills but can put these into practice, and our client service department wholly embraces this.  Some of these skills are the more obvious ones – timekeeper, accountant, forward planner - but then there are the others that are not so obvious.  Here are a few of the different “hats” we wear to keep things flowing smoothly day-to-day.


1. Juggler

As the bridge between clients and internal agency departments, we’re involved in projects every step of the way - from conception, through execution, and beyond. When working across a portfolio of clients with competing priorities, there are bound to be numerous balls in the air at any one time. To be sure that none of them drop, being agile and responsive is a must.

2. Librarian

The more knowledge we can accumulate and file away about the client’s market, industry trends, target audience, even their preferences around process means having a robust resource that allows us to be one step ahead of the game, anticipating (and meeting) our clients’ needs before they have to ask. Never underestimate the value of a good filing system!

3. Ringmaster

Every day is like a live performance with many variables outside of our control. When you are dealing with multiple stakeholders, you need to expect the unexpected, no matter how much you plan for things. Constant, clear and transparent communication is key to rolling with the changes to make sure that the show goes on as smoothly as possible.

4. Contortionist

You need to be prepared to find yourself in some tricky situations that may seem impossible to navigate. But if you can listen and take a pragmatic approach to problem-solving you will be able to get both yourself and your client out of any bind. Sometimes, a dash of lateral thinking doesn’t go amiss either.

5. Host with the Most

Knowing your client’s business inside and out also means knowing their coffee order (or wine, depending on the time of day) to fuel weekly progress meetings or brainstorming sessions. Whatever the occasion, our bar has a drink for it - and we love nothing more than getting together with our clients to celebrate a job well done.

6. Adventure Seeker

Client service is fast-paced and varied - no two days are the same. To thrive in this role is to be relentlessly curious, welcome and embrace challenges, and take pride in delivering powerful, insight-driven results for clients. Because when our clients succeed, we all succeed.

If you’re a fan of fostering strong relationships, developing a broad range of skills, acquiring knowledge across numerous topics, and keeping busy, then client service is a job worth investigating. And if, on top of all that, you’re a fan of dogs then give us a call - we are always looking for great new polymaths to join our team.

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