What was the best commercial website you visited lately? We can all name our favourite websites; the ones we steal a moment to look at during work, the ones that make us smile, laugh and even feel more connected to people.

But what about company websites? This gets a bit trickier.

If we think about it, digital is at odds with being human. Digital loves efficiency, infinite capacity, and scalability. However, it’s not great, on its own, at being memorable, empathetic, and intuitive – this is what we humans crave in any experience. So, in many ways, digital is at odds with what we want from a satisfying experience.

To this end, it is up to us to make sure our website design is inherently rewarding and motivational. Making any brand touchpoint an enjoyable experience leads to brand likeability and loyalty, and your website is no different.

Think of it like a simple equation:

Better Digital Experiences = Better Customer Outcomes = Better Business Outcomes.


We can further use the following two considerations when crafting a digital experience:

  1. Time well saved
    Make it simple, intuitive, useful, resourceful
  2. Time well spent
    Make it entertaining, empathetic, educational, motivational

I want to finish this blog with a simple checklist to remember when you are being a good ‘digital human’ and thinking through your website.

  1. Does the site prioritise the personal goals of users?
  2. Does the tone of voice sound like good humans who care about more than just the transaction?
  3. Is the experience so intuitive that it makes your visitors feel clever?
  4. Will it make your audience smile?
  5. Does it make your visitors feel like they are part of a wider community, who is served with compassion, from which they can derive a sense of wellbeing?

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