SEO is critical to success of all digital strategies.

Did you know, for many search engine users, up to 65% of all clicks are attributed to ‘organic’ search results?  Your website Google Analytics may also reveal organic traffic as one of the highest performing channels across both engagement and conversion metrics, which may represent significant opportunity for many New Zealand businesses.

In today’s multi-device, connected world, online information sources play a significant role in introducing consumers to products and offers, and a key resource for finding local businesses.  By understanding what consumers look for, businesses and organisations are able to ensure the right information and user experience are available and delivered on their websites.  Contagion Media is helping brands to better engage with online audiences by leveraging relevant data, premium industry tools, value-add insights and best practice to inform and craft optimal digital marketing activity tailored to meet specific business objectives.

Search engine optimisation specialists at Contagion Media can help you with:

– Technical and Content Audits

– Copywriting and Landing Page Optimisation

– Content Discovery and Competitor Analysis

– Blog Management & Social Media Integration

– Consumer Focussed Keyword Research

– Content Marketing and Link Acquisition

– Mobile Optimisation and Local SEO

– YouTube Channel Optimisation – Video SEO

– A/B Testing and Heat Mapping

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