You know that digital is important for your business, but it can also be intimidating.
The digital landscape is frequently changing, with new offerings and ‘must have’ platforms every other week – it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

Self-serve platforms have made it easy to spend money, but they are the easiest way to waste money. Having a clear strategy and expectations go a long way to ensuring your digital budget drives ROI for your business.

But don’t worry, we are more than happy to help demystify digital for you.

Digital Video.

YouTube is often seen as the main player in this space, but other platforms such as TVNZ On Demand, Discovery’s ThreeNow and the news outlets both locally & internationally have great opportunities to get your brand in front of the right before.

Digital Display.

While Google might spring to mind, the are a lot of alternatives here that can offer better targeting, placements and ROI for your business.
While data, cookies & remarketing will be changing a lot in the next 12 months, digital display is still an important tool to build your awareness with prime prospects.

Native Display.

Often referred to as ‘sponsored content’, native can take a variety of forms – blending into the website on which it appears. The components of native (Images, main text & supporting text) are scaled to fit different publishers. This channels works well at driving engaged users to your website, but you need to think about the user experience and optimise native accordingly.

Digital Audio.

A modern take on radio advertising, with more bells and whistles. This intimate channel offers a great way of building your brand awareness direct with customers either through podcasts , live radio or music streaming platforms.


There is a lot to consider with digital, so make sure your strategy is right before you dive into advertising online. Talk to us today for expert guidance.



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